Club Management Officials (as elected at the AGM in June 2018)

Please remember they are all volunteers

Contact details etc. of Club Management Officials are given below; please be considerate if calling them outside normal social hours.

  President:  ROB HENESSEY: 0191 4884482
Bob Hennessey brings a huge amount of knowledge to our Club. His extensive experience as a Head Teacher greatly enhances the valuable information, opinion and expertise he can offer to WFYFC. He has been with the Club longer than anyone.

  Chairman/Welfare & Safeguarding Officer:   DAVE NELTHORPE: 07960 149476  &  07930 314120
Dave Nelthorpe brings a lot of experience in youth football to this role. As an individual he is committed to the vast amount of work he has to do for us. A level-headed person who is also involved in many other areas of Club life.

  Secretary:  STEVEN WILLIAMSON: 07804 687576
As in any large organisation, the Secretary is a position of huge responsibility. In Steven Williamson we have an individual committed to the relentless amount of work he has to do for a Club of our size. A very well organised and determined person, Steven brings his experience to this role, one that we have no doubt he will fulfil well. 

  Treasurer/Vice-Chairman:  JOHN CLARK: 07740 470980
Clark has been running teams, and still does, within our Club for many years. His business is accountancy and this brings positives to what he can offer to the running of the financial side of our Club. He manages our accounts extremely well.

  Development Officer/Small-Sided Secretary:  KEVIN THOMPSON: 07758 464337
Kevin's area of work is to look at the overall 'development' of our Club and its teams. He is an important link to the Leagues we play in and is also involved in many other area of Club life. Kevin sits on the Management Committee of the Gateshead League.

PICTURE TO COME            Football Development Officer:  PETE CRADDOCK: 07714 093884
As our Club Football Development Officer, Pete Craddock's role includes making sure all our Coaches and Volunteers have the correct qualifications, not only Coaching ones, but also CRB (DBS) and Child Protection and First Aid. He organises the Development Football so successful in our Club over many years. As a Level 2 Coach he has the qualifications and experience to lead this important area of our Club and he welcome every opportunity for any assistance either to him or from him; he is always available to speak with.

  Registration Secretary: GARY CARR: 07967 141010
As this area of our Club grows with every-increasing membership, the need to have Registration Secretary is a must. Gary works tirelessly organising the Registrations and Subscriptions using our on-line system which is still evolving. This area is a huge responsibility as it now aligns itself to the GDPR legislation. All Registrations and Subscriptions must go through Steven

  Registrations (Team Accounts):  STEVEN WILLIAMSON: 07804 687576
Despite his role as Club Secretary Steven also assists in this important area, liaising with our teams. Steven will help Gary Carr and his team by taking on the responsibility of looking after Team Accounts under our Registration System which is totally automated. Anyone wishing to consider this role is asked to contact the Club Secretary for more information.

   IT & Marketing: PAUL MITCHELL: 07958 988930
The updating of our Club Website and the introduction of social media shows there is a huge need for IT and Marketing. Paul will bring his huge experience to this area of Club Development. His understanding of IT through his business will benefit our Club and his e-Marketing skills will prove of massive benefit to our Club in the future.    

   Grounds Maintenance and Watergate Facilitator:  PAUL KELLY: 07964 582118
WFYFC now have a set plan to develop Watergate, especially the playing surfaces and have made a massive investment in capital equipment. With the Leases on the pavilion and pitches secured, we now need to concentrate our efforts on our playing surfaces themselves. This is a huge undertaking and the work and responsibility is fundamental to our future. Working with the IOG and other organisations, liaising with the FA and Football Foundation on areas such as drainage and maintenance, Paul will look at all areas of pitch condition, attend meetings and put forward suggestions and plans for the Club to look at. Paul is our Representative in the Watergate Partnership with Emmanuel College, he looks after Watergate as its Facilitator and is involved in many areas of Club life.

   Resources & Equipment:  TONY SMITH: 07944 712442

Tony is responsible for overseeing our equipment, placing orders and liaising with our suppliers and our Coaches. He will make sure all our kit is co-ordinated and meets the requirements of our Nike Partnership Agreement. All orders for kit and equipment must go through Tony. A very significant and busy role for this position is foreseen in the future as our Club moves forward and makes sure that all our Coaches and Members have the best equipment and kit to do so.


  Welfare & Safeguarding Officer:  SUE BROADBENT

Sue is now well established in our Management Committee and will oversee the Child Welfare and Child Protection issues. This takes away some of the workload of Dave Nelthorpe and we welcome the work that Sue undertakes. She is extremely well organised and very professional in her approach to this important area. Parents can be assured that their Child is safe and secure at WFYFC. Sue is also involved in many other areas of the Club.



WFYFC are always interested in speaking with individuals who may be interested in becoming part of our Club and have something worthy and worthwhile to offer or contribute.

Working Parties and Groups are being set-up and used extensively now in our Club and anyone who has a few hours to offer, without being enrolled officially within the Club, are asked to get in touch to find an area that their skills could benefit. Remember what we do is for the benefit of the young people under our charge.

If you feel you have something to bring to our group, then please contact any Club Official ... you will find any involvement very rewarding.